Book Study Structure


This is the first official book study I've offered and I am grateful that you are interested in studying with me!

There are many ways to approach a book study, but here is what I would like us to strive for as a group:

  1. We will read aloud during our book study, taking turns.
  2. After each section, we will pause for discussion.
  3. When we discuss, it's helpful to stay close to the material and really focus on it. If we have real life examples or application, it's helpful to bring them up, but it's also important to have a balance between reading and discussion so that we can get through one chapter per meeting. If we feel we need to adjust that model, we will.
  4. We may be studying a book, but we are also contemplating it. Sharing that contemplation is often helpful in really understanding the author's thoughts as well as our own.
  5. We will do our best to keep our discussion relevant to the sections being discussed.
  6. Listening to each other means really focusing on what the speaker has to say, rather than thinking about what you have to say next. This is a great way to practice active listening.
  7. It's okay to pause and experience silence in a group. Processing slowly, we do not have to rush to speak to avoid silence. Silence is pregnant with understanding.

If you cannot make any given session, it's all okay. You can read the designated section for that month and refer to any extra resources I might publish in the relevant chapter, such as reflective video commentaries where I'll share my perspective on the matter.

While book studies on spiritual texts are not new to me, having them as part of my offerings is new to me. I'm accustomed to book study's in which one may not make all of the sessions, but this book is relatively short and highly practical. For that reason, I'd encourage you to do your best to attend as many sessions as possible.

Looking forward to studying with you!

With Love,